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i started martial arts

2013-06-09 19:28:32 by italinbred94

Next plan is to search for the eternal dragon balls and fly


2012-11-12 00:20:17 by italinbred94

life sucks

better adult chat

2012-04-21 19:37:11 by italinbred94 .com


2011-12-20 21:34:17 by italinbred94


this is my first mix so i hope i get feedback from everyone idk if it will work eitheir so i might be turned down idk but im excited for my first audio submition

its ma birthday bitches

2010-04-29 14:40:35 by italinbred94

an im 16 hell yeah now im goin to do wat i always have been doin drugs alchohol vicodin n sleep n retasrt the day cycle

other art

2009-11-06 15:31:15 by italinbred94


other art

heres jesus

it wont let me post my art so im doing it the only way i know how

gimme a pie

2009-11-03 18:06:11 by italinbred94

wat i cant have a request .... SCREW U


okay i can be mature

im looking for this person yeah he was supposed to come over for pie but uhh something about a clown and several problems

yeah let me know wen u find him and i don't want him dead
i want him here so he can eat the damn PIE!!!!

gimme a pie

life sucks wen u get caught

2009-09-09 00:13:13 by italinbred94

heres my little animation i did in class (drawing)

life sucks wen u get caught